How The Turtle Got It's Shell

May 13-16 at 10:30 AM
at PS 3

The Shadow Box Theatre storyteller and musician present the folk tale How the Turtle Got Its Shell. Drumming, rhythm, movement, and chanting all help set the scene for this witty and wise traditional tale of the little turtle who outwits the fierce leopard and is rewarded with a shell. The 3-dimensional puppets in this engaging show look like they jumped off the page of the book into your space. At the opening of the show the drummer introduces the African instruments and various words from African languages. The energy and spirit of our performers is clearly contagious, and the entire audience is soon singing and clapping along with them.

Ticket prices: Group rates for shows $7.00-$7.50
For individual tickets $10 in advance/$15 at the door for Weekdays and Weekend Family Shows


Based on SMWS Book "How The Turtle Got Its Shell" Performance DVD

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