See-More's Workshop

See-More's Workshop (SMWS), the merchandise arm of The Shadow Box Theatre, was named after our hallmark puppet See-More. It was created in 1992 in response to New York City teachers, parents, and children requesting to bring the stories and songs based on The Shadow Box Theatre productions into their homes and classrooms – bringing ‘the stage to the page’. The publishing arm added the "reading, writing and listening" philosophy of Whole Language Education to our impressive list of services. As time went on it grew and expanded. Wanting to maintain the interactive philosophy of SBT it started with Read-Aloud picture books created in black and white. Everyone requested the music and so we developed Read-Along/Move-Along audios incorporating the music, a companion listening component. The books and audio were popular but teachers, parents and children wanted them in color and so many of the books were redone. At the same time people wanted the audio of the show. We kept growing. More recently DVD’s became very desired and so we created DVD’s of our shows in performance with the aim that the children watching them could become inter-active participants. It would be as if they were sitting in the audience. Our artistic goal was that through See-More Books and Read-Along-Move-Along companion CDs with teacher guides, Cast Recordings, and performance DVDs we would bring the excitement of theatre into the excitement of reading.

These Read-Aloud Books and Read-Along-Move-Along Audios are suitable for a wide age-range of children. Enjoy them as readers, as listeners in the car and at rest time, as a part of ESL and general curriculum, and for pleasurable sharing with family. Our books and CD’s are in libraries and homes all over the country. Call (212) 724-0677 (ask about school and large order discounts).