What Teachers Think


"If we only have one trip next year, it will certainly be to the Shadow Box theatre presentation. May you continue your wonderful work.” P.S. 233, Brooklyn

“The children enjoyed this very much. If you could have seen their “open-mouthed” expressions and their eyes glued to the stage, you’d know it was a hit with them.” Teacher, PS 222 Brooklyn

"This fabulous resource...the variety of culturally rich plays impart valuable lessons to our children in self-worth, safety, health, and many their important aspects we like to teach. “ Teacher, PS 145 Bklyn

"My colleagues and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing show we saw. It was incredibly lively and held the interest of the children throughout the show. Our pupils are multiply handicapped, many of them in wheelchairs. All of our pupils participated by clapping and attempting to do the body actions that they were instructed to do. A great time was had by all. “ PS 396 Brooklyn

‘I recently accompanied my granddaughter’s class to a Shadow Box performance. We saw and very much enjoyed How the Turtle Got its Shell. I purchased the book and tape. She has spent many happy completely involved hours with it. She wants to share it with everyone. As a retired teacher, I appreciate the excellent quality of the material. Thanks for the pleasure you have provided for a precious little girl (and subsequently her grandmother)” Grandparent, Queens

Earth & Me: "I arranged for my E.S.L. classes to attend The Earth & Me on (my birthday). It was the best present I could have gotten. We all had such a glorious experience! The presentation is easily understood without a high degree of facility in English. It is perfect for new language learners. If we only have one trip next year, it will certainly be to the Shadow Box Theatre presentation. May you continue your wonderful work." – P.S. 233, Brooklyn

The Earth & Me: "The Earth & Me was beautiful and every single person expressed their delight in seeing it. One woman's children had already seen the show in their schools but were eager to see it again. The music and dancing were superb... Thanks again for being such a culturally rich and conveniently located resource for our agency." – Veritas Therapeutic Community, NY

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