What the Press Says


"For centuries, children all over the world have been intrigued by shadows. The Shadow Box Theatre is bringing the ancient art form of shadow puppets to children in No Balloons Today. The group seems to have turned a kaleidoscope in such a way that the colorful pieces have formed winsome people, realistic animals and finely etched scenery...The youngsters are included all the way."
- The New York Times

"This endearing presentation of The African Drum is an ideal way to familiarize children with African folklore. They are transported into a world of colorful tales enhanced by African rhythm and song. And so with this production, the Shadow Box Theatre has found a wonderful way to honor Black History Month."
- The Black American

"Children's theater is refreshing because it does not require the standard protocol of erect postures and silence. When something wows the children, they exhale great bursts of 'ooohs' and 'aaahs.' We adults have to stifle our natural reactions. The Brooklyn YWCA turned into an arena of screeches and yelps Wednesday morning as bigger-than-life butterfly and bumble bee puppets swarmed over the stage, in The Shadow Box Theatre's presentation of The Earth & Me."
- Brooklyn Daily Eagle

"Color and animation make the shadow puppet characters come to life. The result is a show as pretty as a picture book...in which children are encouraged to become involved. Many do.”
- New York Magazine

“They clapped and squealed with delight and sat on the edge of their seats so as not to miss a minute. And when it was all over, they went home having learned a thing or two about good health habits, too.”
- Staten Island Advance

“In the Shadow Box Theatre’s Once Upon A Story, See-more, a wonderful shadow puppet, invites the children to walk through America with him (presenting) American tall tales featuring “Big Annie” , and The Growing Rock, a Native American Tale,...all done with this group’s insight into the comprehension of very young theatre-goers.”
- The New York Times

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