What Press

The African Drum: "Behind the screen, busy hands artfully maneuvered thin poles to manipulate the jointed figures formed from rainbow-hued pieces of plastic. Before the screen, more than 100 youngsters watched delightedly yesterday as striped zebras, spotted leopards, magnificently garbed African warriors, elephants and engaging birds flitted in silhouette across the illuminated screen...For those who think of puppets either on strings or on the hand like a glove, shadow puppetry is a delightful new find with the charm of an animated cartoon."

- The Washington Post

What Teachers Think

"I must take a moment to comment on an exceptional program which we at P.S. 30 have experienced...Programs such as SBT's provide an invaluable experience to students who have had very limited exposure to the performing arts. Art as an expression of culture, history, joy, and information, helps children better understand their world."

- Teacher, P.S. 30, Queens

"Very special magical performances…SBT is one of the excursions that is a must at least once a year, if not more."

- Teacher, PS 145, Manhattan

What Parents and Children Think

"Thank you for inviting me to see the Shadow Box Theatre perform a puppet show:

I liked your show it was very nice
The way you did it had some spice
It was swell it was good
It was done the way it should
It made me laugh It made me sing
It made me do most everything
I’ll make a puppet, I’ll try to make two
I’m doing this because I learned from you"

Student: Louisa