Have a Wonderful Holiday!!

The Shadow Box Theatre thanks you for coming to see Tobias Turkey! The show was a huge success and the enthusiastic cries of "determination" uttered from our audiences made all of us smile. We hope everyone has a magical Holiday this chilly November!

See you next month at Big Annie!


Mission Statement:

"Our programs encourage creativity, and multi-cultural sharing"

The Shadow Box Theatre's mission is to touch the minds and hearts of children through shadow and three dimensional puppet based theatre arts. Our programs encourage creativity, and multi cultural sharing, they celebrate diversity, teach humanistic values such as how to deal with bullying and respecting individual differences, peaceful solutions, and appreciation of our earth. This is accomplished through an integrated program of performances given in our space and brought to your space, creative theatre arts workshops for children, teachers and parents, and Read-Aloud Picture Books with companion Read-Along/Move-Along audio as well as CD’s and DVDs based on our musical puppet productions.