The Shadow Box Theatre, a musical puppet theatre for children, is well known for its creative interactive performances. These are given in two formats: in residence large cast shows with lights and sound where the audiences come to “Our Place” and more intimate 2 person shows, entitled: Story Book Theatre: Stories that Sing,  based on our larger productions and picture books where our Storyteller/puppeteer and Musician come to “Your Place”.

At Our Place

Our resident theatre at PS 3/The Bedford Village School is a large public school auditorium that seats up to 400 children, teachers and parents. We have transformed the auditorium into a full functioning magical theatre space with modern lighting and sound, and with a few exceptions, our complete inventory of wonderful puppets and sets are stored here. Our shows have anywhere from 4-10 performers/puppeteers/musicians, with puppets, live music, colorful sets, and lighting. The music and puppets are often duplicated in the illustrations in the accompanying storybooks and audio that we sell at the shows and on our website.

Tobias Turkey is a Thankgiving tale and Big Annie is a Christmas tall tale with primarily 3D puppets of various types. Our larger cast shows such as this season’s The African Drum and The Earth & Me (a musical dance and puppetry production), make extensive use of shadow puppetry. In addition we will tour these two shows to other venues in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn such as, for example, Hostos Community College (Bronx), Symphony Space (Manhattan), and JPAC (Queens), etc. All of our shows are musicals, with a mixture of puppets and people, and were created by our Founding Artistic Director, Sandra Robbins. Many of the productions also have dance, and employ the use of masks. But most importantly, all our shows are highly interactive for the children, and involve them in chanting, singing, movement, and other forms of participation, which directly involve them in the story that they are helping to unfold.  

Our Place Shows

At Your Place

Story Book Theatre: Stories that Sing. The same wonderful interactive musical puppet/storybook plays can also come directly to you! Many of our shows, including Lumpy Bumpy Pumpkin, Tobias Turkey, Big Annie, How the Turtle Got Its Shell, Little is Big, The Growing Rock, and Play It Safe are intimate traveling two-to-three person storytelling shows (a storyteller/puppeteer and a musician; Play It Safe is a three person show with two puppeteers and a musician) that can come directly to your school, community center, daycare/nursery, or other facility. We recommend them for intimate settings like the classroom, library or playroom but they can also be done in a larger setting like a school cafeteria, gym or auditorium for no more than 150 children at a time. The content of these traveling shows are simplified slightly, and the production values are designed for closeness and intimacy, as well as compactness and mobility. There is no special lighting and the sets and puppets are generally smaller than those in the full theatrical productions, but the shows remain highly interactive and involving for your children. 

Your Place Shows

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