The African Drum


Multiple Venues

Jaunary 27-March 13



Our perennial favorite for African-American History Month! The African Drum is a truly magical "shadow puppet-and-people" show beloved by children for almost three decades. Come listen to the wit, wisdom and humor of four wondrous African folktales told by our drummer, our storyteller, our talented cast of performers - and See-More, our hallmark puppet. Listen to the beat of the African rhythms as they reveal the exciting musical adventure of the little girl Kijana, her animal friends, and the Zimwe (bad man) who tricks her. Learn How The Turtle Got Its Shell, How The Animals Got Their Colors, and why the Egret Flies Free all woven together within Kijana's Tale.

“My rating on African Drum is Excellent! Outstanding! Superb! Each and every year, my classes absolutely love the show. I, myself, never get tired of it even though I have now seen it many, many times… Keep up the good work! It is learning applications like this that truly makes learning fun !“ - Teacher, PS 225 Queens

See More Reviews Ticket prices: Group rates for shows $8.00
For individual tickets $10 in advance/$15 at the door for Weekdays and Weekend Family Shows

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