Creative Theatre Arts Workshops



The student workshops are designed to open creative pathways to literacy. They use all forms of theatre and visual arts, with an emphasis on the art of puppet theatre as well as written text. These theatre techniques lead directly to understand the elements of stories while building vocabulary, oral language, listening, speaking, problem solving and analysis skills. The techniques can be applicable to enhancing the curriculum in all academics subjects as well as dealing with social issues such as bullying, leadership and cultural sharing etc. They meet NYS learning standards for English Language Arts and Literacy, and NYC DOE Blueprint and are developed with your input to meet the individual needs of your specific school and/or classrooms. You can book residencies as well as individual workshops.


SBT teaching artists take a "learning by doing" approach, showing teachers how to effectively use the creative arts in the classroom, and providing teachers with arts skills and concepts that they can integrate into the core curriculum to enrich the academic learning experience. They learn to bring these theatre arts techniques to their students to enhance the child’s joy of reading. Teachers will learn SBTs techniques in line with the Blueprint and Standards. Our teaching artists are multi- disciplined in the arts and focus the workshops on how to creatively stimulate all academic curriculum using the techniques of story telling, writing, puppet making, theatre, movement, music, set and costume design. We work with teachers as well as children from pre-K through high school.


Our parent/child workshops are popular events that support parents and ESL learners in becoming active partners in their children's literacy education, via storytelling with puppets, encouraging them to develop their children's love of books. The Parent workshops are designed to support and encourage parents to get involved with their children's learning in and after school. The workshop creates an opening for parents to become an integral part of their child’s education, as well as a moment to explore their creativity and the possibility of furthering their own education . This is especially true for non English speaking parents. It also affords the opportunity for them to meet other parents and creates an environment for playful creative exchange, community sharing and school identity.



Meet the Author

Sandra Robbins

Invite Sandra Robbins, the founder and creator of the productions of The Shadow Box Theatre and the books/audio of See-More's Workshop to your site for an intimate discussion and reading of her story books. It is a fun in-depth, interactive workshop for children and teachers, where they learn what the SBT story is about, metaphorically, symbolically and as literature. This workshop is individualized so that it is age and content appropriate. This unique workshop can be booked for 1st grade through college students as well as parents and educators. Sandra is the author of 10 Read-Aloud Books and companion Read-Along/Move-Along Audios, written numerous musical puppet shows, as well as many children’s songs . In addition, before she founded SBT she was a licensed Early Childhood Educator. Each workshop is tailored for the specific age and experience level of the audience.

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We tailor our CASA program to the needs of the individual schools and their population. We have worked with children pre-K through middle school. SBT has various teaching artists whose modalities range from various forms of puppetry, drama, music, and movement, to creative writing and the art of story telling, etc. For example, our last workshops were in Chinatown and were tailored to their population. The children chose a Chinese folk-tale, wrote a script and songs, did improvisations and performed the story. Using the modality of puppetry they created three dimensional puppets and shadow puppets, designed and constructed costumes, and performed shows for their parents and their peers. They learned many arts skills but most importantly found new friendships, felt empowered and had a great time.

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