What people Think

"Phenomenal! The staff and children became so active and alive, and everyone participated. Bravo!"

-- P.S. 173@191, Queens
"The Workshops...produced lessons that motivated, involved and delighted all the children. Even the shyest children were eager to participate!...Each child felt successful."

-- Teacher P.S. 213, Brooklyn
“Our teachers and students only had the most wonderful things to say about your teaching artist. Our teachers were impressed with her ability to communicate with the children and to keep all children engaged. Students also responded so positively to the fun activities and gentle manner that she brought to each class.”

-- P.S./M.S. 278, Manhattan
"SBT has provided us with an exciting array of artistic experiences that have expanded the children's appreciation of the arts… your teaching artist enthralled the children with her storytelling abilities."

-- P.S. 170, Brooklyn
“The Shadow Box Theatre curriculum presented new ideas for creative expression and learning through role playing. The format was well presented, and the SBT teacher was very professional in working with the students and keeping them engaged.”

-- Ms. Peter, Spring Creek After-School Program, Brooklyn
“As two loving and caring parents we are very pleased to see the excitement in our daughter’s face on the days she attends Shadow Box. It really does keep her mind clear and helps her express her feelings.”

-- Parents of student, P.S. 184, Manhattan
“Students used their own creativity to create a fantastic story, and made incredible puppets. I was amazed!”

-- Teacher P.S. 3, Brooklyn
“SBT provides artistic and dramatic ways for students to express their knowledge of literacy elements.”

-- 2nd Grade Spec. Ed Teacher, P.S. 3, Brooklyn
“I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful program you brought to The Child Study Center of Brooklyn. My class loves everything, from Miss Honey’s (Teaching Artist) adaptations to the performances by your troupes. I truly feel it enriched our curriculum and benefited the children greatly. I thoroughly enjoy working with everyone and hope that you will be back next year for another year of excitement and fun”

-- Marie Thompson, The Child Study Center of Brooklyn
“Ms. Cathy(TA) was well organized and very passionate about her work. Her professionalism and delightful personality created a wonderful working environment for the students. This program promoted fluency in reading, cooperative learning and confidence building. I look forward to next year.”

-- Alex Waldron, P.S. 3, Brooklyn